Nihonium is a new category of games in this blog.

I introduce viral topics among Japanese WoL and Prefects to all over the world.

Why do I write in English?

Because of boosting my English skills, I want to write articles in English.

Also I want to interact with a lot of people all over the world through games. I hope this blog becomes the door connecting the world and you😘

My English skills

I studied English in my school days only. My college is law and politics so I didn’t study English professionally. Now I am working to trade and I write mails in English. So I can write and read English a little.

But I am not good at expressing detailed nuances and listening☹️

Therefore I write this article in English directly at first. Before opening articles, I use a transfer because I confirm grammar, words, spelling wheter I mistake or not.

If you are good at English, I am glad to advise better sentences or words.

What’s Nihonium?

Nihonium is elements #113. This was found in Japan.

We enjoy the same game but we don’t have the same views.

I want to convey many views from Japan through introductions of viral topics. I hope you find new thinking and inspiration from gamers in Japan.


This is my target to update articles.

Effort : one / week
MIN : one / 2 weeks

Your yells make me writing a lot of articles☺️

Opening an article

I open one article of Nihonium. Please check it and yell me💪

Opinions and Impressions

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