Many famous streamers are on air to play FFXIV.

I introduce a viral streams among Japanese WoL!

Nakamura san : Voice actor as Thancred

Nakamura Yuichi san is a famous voice actor in Japan, as you know as Thancred.

He often streams on YouTube. On September 6, he streamed playing FFXIV first time.

This archive is unopened now. However his stream shocked WoL in Japan😂

What shocks us?

He opens he is a hard player of FFXIV and challenges every savage raids. Of course, Pandemonium too.

And many of WoL in Japan knows his main job is PLD and he loves PLD.

However the content of this stream is “a man who forgot all practices the rotation of GNB”.

WoL say;

"Nakamura san throw away shield!!!!!!"
"Thancred has a gunblade, it is just Thancred."

His practicing shocked WoL and they say to need some adjustments of PLD.

Spokesman for Japanese WoL

He often talked with Yoshi-P in PLL or some events and he complained details of FFXIV. He is the spokesman for Japanese WoL. When he appears in events, WoL expect that he say something to Yoshi-P.

I think Nakamura san has dissatisfactions about PLD because there is a possibility to change PLD to GNB. I will continue to watch the adjustment of PLD👀

It’s very difficult for me to use FoF properly. And the rotation to burst is very complicated🥺

Nakamura san’s channel

Nakamura san’s channels of YouTube is following. Don’t miss his streams of FFXIV😎



In this channel, he plays and streams a lot of games.

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