Raid member condition ; “NOT NURO”

“NURO” is one of the brand of internet line and a bussiness of SONY.

Thier sale’s point is high-speed, however some static parties of Savage or Ultimate raid reject applications of players who use NURO line.

NURO is impacting badly on gamers in Japan.

What’s NURO?

“NURO” is one of the brand of internet line and a bussiness of SONY.This started in 2013.

In 2015, they said the best effort download speed for private home is 10Gbps, which speed is the most fast internet line for private home in the world.

At the first, the service area is Kanto (the area around Tokyo) only, but they are expanding to privide with larger area more and more.

The most reasonable monthly price is about 5200 JPY. (in tax, 3 years contaract. Max price is 6100 JPY, Free to cancel)

I think these are more epxensive than others in Japan.

For gamers

Gamer loves high-speed line because it impacts on performances.

So many gamers who have high consciousness for parformance chose “NURO”.

Of course, they expected high-speed and more comfortable surroundings.

Mistakes of NURO


NURO are expanding the service areas and waging campaign to discount in first a few years. Also they have a service to rent PS5 to users for monthly subscription.

Therefore many people contrasted with NURO.

One of reasons to constract includes spreading work from home due to pandemic.

😱NO Plan to Invest

However they have not maken capital investment enough to meet the scale of users yet.

Users say that the packet loss occured in NURO and they actually are gathering the data of it.

In the early access of ENDWALKER

Many users of NURO could hardly play in the first week.

Some of WoL including not NURO claimed that they had a lag from starting the early access.

FFXIV gathering data

Therefore Yoshi-P suggested to gather data of internet line in order to seach whether causes are FFXIV or an interenet line of each player.


He taught how to search the statas of internet line by each PC.

1.  If we feel any lags in the game, we post the data to the form.
2. The team of SQEX investigates our data and contact the companies of Internet lines.

Due to this system and many data, graduatingly we have not felt lags, excluding NURO.


Yoshi-P didn’t cleary say to use “NURO”.

However he said in PLL to have dissatisfactions with a certain internet line to cotract in private because of packet loss.

He think a certain line deliberately disposes packets at PM 7:00~23:30 everyday.

WoL in Japan think he is an user of NURO.

He sees as a problem that the packet loss impacts very badly on our game’s experience and performance. He think that a certain line think it is ok because there in no problem on streaming.

However a day before 6.2, NURO informed NURO line would be heavy because of the update of “a certain online game” on August 23.

Instead of improving speed and packet loss, NURO are making enemies of WoL.

What impact specifically?

I am introducing some tweets about NURO’s packet loss. These players use NURO.

🐣Hina san

🐣Maloney san

🐣Ouka san

Static party of raid

Recruitment of static have some conditions. One of conditions of some statics is ”NOT NURO”. The reason is that performance of users is down because of internet line.

Players choosing NURO have high consciousness because they changed to it for good performance. However because they are using NURO, their choices for raid are very limited.

Users in Japan plans ;

One of User of NURO plans to take a class action.

Not only FFXIV, but also APEX LEGEND, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and any other online games’ players want strongly NURO will improve these problems.

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