FIFA 2022 World Cup started.

 In Japan, actions of Japanese supporters and team in studiums is sparking.

 It is picking trashes.

 However some of Japanese have negative opinions about these actions.

There are some negative tweets in Japan

I am hearing from news that a lot of people all over the world are praising it.

「W杯日本人サポーターの「ゴミ拾い」を海外絶賛「心温まる瞬間」 現地動画約60万いいねの大反響」

 All world praise Japanese supporters warching games of World cup pick up trashed, "Hartwarming moment", local movie with about 600,000 likes

 FIFA tweeted Japanese team cleaned thier locker room beautifully.

 I am happy these praises as one of Japanese.

 However some of Japanese have negative opinions about these actions.

MASUZOE san : former governor of Tokyo

There are newses that people all over the world praise that Japanese supporters pick up trashes, however it is one-sided. People in class system be through the division of labor. Therfore workers to clean will lost their works by that supporters pick up trashes. We have to pay attentions difference from clutures and social constitution. Japanese cluture is not all.

Igawa : former chairman of Daio Paper Corporation with criminal record

 His crim is an illegal breach of trust. He used 10,000,000,000 JPY of Daio Paper Corporation’s money as casino. He cannot understand company’s money wasn’t his. However, incredibly, he is popular among some of right wing.

Slave spirit to be delighted picking trashes

Of course,

 Of course, they did not recieve majority supports.

Saudi and Ecuador’s supporters pick up too.

 It is not first time to receive praises to clean up in World Cup.

 Japanese have one question. They praised us every game but why don’t they pick up trashed as same as Japanese?

 Fortunately, Saudi and Ecuador’s supporter did done!!

 I am happy because it is peaceful actions. They are different from people to say “SDGs” as just lip service. I think spreading actions will make people happy and peace someday.

Respectable Actions

 Japan government has spent a lot of money as “Cool Japan”, it is strategy to spread Japanese cultures (ex. manga, anime, game). However we have not reveived this benefits.

 However supporters get praises from all over the world. Moreover it is FREE. 

 I think they are the most thankful people in Japan now.

 Thier ations are valuable 10,000,000,000 times than Igawa’s casino at least.


 Why do Japanese clean up stadiums? It is ATARIMAE.

 ATARIMAE means “it should be“, “a matter of course”, “naturally,” “rightly”.

 It is natural and right for Japanese people to maintain clean. I think it is from school’s education.

Ohtani san picks up trashes because…

 In MLB games, Ohtani san have be seen to pick up trashed.

 Why does he pick trashed up?

 He say; I pick up fortunes which someone throw away.

 Could you pick up many fortunes by ATARIMAE?

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